Our Approach: Clients



Our clients are companies to get excited about, world leaders in their fields. So, of course, they need exciting candidates. What we do, at MJH, is simply put one in touch with the other. That is our only job, and we excel at it.

Our focus is only on companies in Cambridge and the surrounding areas. And we’re lucky because we’ve got the cream of the crop, so our priority is naturally quality over quantity.  We listen carefully to our clients’ needs so that we can put forward the perfect candidate – and create a match made in heaven.

Unlike some agencies, we use all methods and resources open to us to find the right candidate for the right client. So whether it’s social media or the local paper, we’ve got it covered.

What we can offer

Targeted Recruitment

Through searches of our extensive database, access to the latest advertising mediums and leveraging our unique network of contacts, we are able to provide our clients with a truly top-quality ‘targeted recruitment’ service.  Not only does this mean that there are no ‘up-front’ costs involved in the search, but also that we are able to find suitable candidates in the most time-effective manner.

We work intelligently — You won’t receive countless ‘poorly matched’ CVs, in the hope of getting lucky; we’ll carefully screen and assess each candidate for the role, only forwarding those who have true potential to meet your requirements.  

Retained Search

The ‘retained search’ services that we provide are not restricted just to finding ‘Executives’.  Indeed, we have employed search techniques successfully in the Cambridge area, to help clients find Mechanical Engineers, Technology Developers, Software Engineers and much more.  Using proven techniques, we are able to identify and recruit those skills that traditional database and advertising campaigns fail to achieve.

The basis of our success in this area is forming close, strong working relationships with our clients. We pride ourselves on ensuring that we know everything there is to know about our clients so that we are able to act as an extension of their own HR function.


For larger, ‘high growth’ projects, or where our clients do not have the in-house HR capabilities to manage a time-consuming recruitment drive, we are able to offer our ‘recruitment process outsourcing’ (RPO) services.  We have up-to-date lists of specialist agencies and search companies, access to the latest social media and networking tools, and an experienced in-house team that are able to deliver the vert best programs for our clients.

We provide a complete service from start to finish resulting in our clients’ finding the most suitable candidates for their open roles.  MJH has built a reputation, which is second to none in the local area, for providing the very best RPO services.