Case Study - AI / Machine Learning

Client Overview

MJH was tasked with managing a talent acquisition project for an Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML) company based in Cambridge, UK. The company had plans for rapid growth, intending to expand from 8 employees to 120+ within a span of three years. This surge in growth necessitated a strategic approach to recruiting top talent to sustain the company’s momentum and meet its ambitious objectives.


We identified early on that the primary challenge would be sourcing and attracting high-calibre individuals with specialized skills in AI/ML within a competitive market. With the exponential growth of AI/ML technologies, demand for such talent had surged, making it increasingly difficult to identify and secure top candidates. Additionally, the company’s location in Cambridge, a hub for technology and innovation, further intensified the competition for the best people.


  1. Market Research and Targeted Sourcing: We conducted extensive market research to understand the landscape of AI/ML talent within Cambridge and beyond. We were able to identify key sources, including universities, industry networks, and online platforms, to target potential candidates.

  2. Building Employer Brand: Recognising the importance of a strong employer brand in attracting top talent, we worked closely with the company’s leadership team to highlight its unique culture, cutting-edge projects, and career development opportunities. This involved showcasing the company’s achievements, values, and employee testimonials through various channels, including social media, industry events, and employer review platforms.

  3. Tailored Recruitment Approach: Given the specialized nature of AI/ML roles, we adopted a tailored recruitment approach, focusing on understanding the specific technical requirements and cultural fit for each position. We collaborated closely with hiring managers to create detailed job descriptions and candidate profiles, ensuring alignment with the company’s strategic objectives and team dynamics.

  4. Proactive Candidate Engagement: To overcome the challenge of passive candidates, we implemented proactive engagement strategies, including targeted outreach campaigns, networking events, and personalized communication with potential candidates. We emphasised the company’s exciting projects, career advancement opportunities, and supportive work environment to pique interest and encourage applications.

  5. Streamlined Selection Process: Understanding the need for a streamlined selection process in securing top talent, we worked closely with the company’s leadership team team to optimise recruitment workflows, minimise delays, and provide a positive candidate experience. This involved leveraging technology for resume screening, scheduling interviews efficiently, and providing timely feedback to candidates.


The project proved highly successful, enabling our client to rapidly scale its team while maintaining a high standard of talent. Key outcomes included:

  1. Quality of Hires: Despite the competitive market for AI/ML talent, MJH succeeded in identifying and recruiting top-tier candidates who demonstrated both technical expertise and cultural fit with the company. This contributed to the company’s ability to innovate and deliver cutting-edge solutions in a dynamic industry.

  2. Speed to Hire: Through proactive sourcing strategies and streamlined recruitment processes, MJH helped the company reduce time-to-fill for critical roles, allowing them to quickly onboard new team members and meet project deadlines without compromising on quality.

  3. Employer Brand Enhancement: By effectively showcasing the company’s strengths and values, MJH contributed to enhancing its employer brand reputation within the AI/ML community. This not only attracted top talent but also positioned the company as an employer of choice for future recruitment efforts.

  4. Long-Term Impact: The success of the talent acquisition project laid a strong foundation for the company’s continued growth and success in the competitive AI/ML landscape. By building a diverse and talented team, the company was well-equipped to tackle new challenges, drive innovation, and maintain its leadership position in the market.


In conclusion, MJH’s management of the talent acquisition project for our client was instrumental in facilitating rapid growth and sustaining success. Despite the challenges posed by a competitive talent market, MJH’s strategic approach to recruitment, proactive engagement tactics, and focus on candidate experience yielded positive outcomes. By securing top talent and enhancing the company’s employer brand, MJH contributed to the company’s ability to thrive in a rapidly evolving industry landscape.