Partnering is the key to success

MJH has been creating and delivering talent acquisition solutions to UK tech start-ups for over 20 years. We have learned that the key to delivering successful solutions time and again, is partnering with our clients. Being on the outside looking in just doesn’t work.
By immersing ourselves in your culture we can understand what it is really like to be part of your team. This then enables us to design and deliver highly effective and targeted talent acquisition solutions every time.

A flexible approach

We understand that you may not need us working with you all day, every day. Some months will be busier than others. That is why we can do as little or as much as you want us to do, week to week, month to month. A truly flexible approach to working that means you have access to us whenever you want, but never pay for more than you need to.

A targetted approach

We realised long ago that no two projects are ever the same. ‘Rinse and repeat’ is not how we work. Every company has its own set of unique challenges when it comes to growing quickly and efficiently. We listen carefully to understand your needs and design a targetted solution, specifically suited to your timescales and budget.

A successful approach

Whilst saving time and money is important, successful talent acquisition is all about hiring the very best people. It’s about putting the right bum, on the right seat! For over 20 years we have helped some of the UK’s most exciting and innovative technology start-ups to find the people they need when they need them. Hiring the very best people is always our primary focus.

Part of your team

Our talent acquisition solutions are always most effective when we become an integral part of your existing team. We do not operate like other external recruitment partners. We provide a flexible on-site solution, supporting your growth and cultural evolution every step of the way.

Too much to do?

Not enough time to do it?

Our talent acquisition solutions are designed so that we do all the heavy lifting. We manage the end to end process so that you don’t have to. As the saying goes, ‘time is money’ and we work hard to ensure you save on both!